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financing a granny flatFinancing a Granny Flat

Financing a granny flat is made easy when you talk with an experienced consultant.

It isn't always the best option to sell an existing home to pay for the granny flat.

And banks are not always as flexible as they need to be.

Even if you have some savings which do not meet all the costs to build, our finance team can often help.  

Before you make any financial decisions, wouldn't you want to know ALL the options that are available to you?

Lynne has decades of experience.

She is an expert in granny flat financing and making your assets work best for you and the family.

granny flat financing

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Why choose a Nova Design Granny Flat?

  • we specialize in designing and building granny flats
  • we own all our designs
  • we tailor-make designs to suit requests and budgets
  • we offer lowest prices Australia wide for kit purchases
  • we build on site like an ordinary house construction
  • we are meticulous about the details
  • we own our granny flat designs
  • there is no obstacles too big or small we cannot overcome
  • we only work with licensed and reputable trades people
  • you get to personally liaise with the designer
  • we set high standards

Meet the team:

Janet Dooley – Managing Director

Janet is the Director of the building company which operates Granny Flats for the Right Price.  Janet has been involved in the building industry for decades as a contracts administrator and more recently has gained a degree in Business which she skillfully employs in running this successful company.  In the past years, she has also managed and administered retirement villages and care centres for other companies.  Today, she is setting new standards for quality and style for granny flats and kit homes in Australia. 

Michael King – Building Designer and Projects Director

Michael King is our projects & contractions manager. He holds a Diploma in Architecture from the University of Bucharest and is registered as a Building Designer in Queensland. His buildings around Noosa speak for themselves as works of passion and quality, with a timeless air about them. Michael started to work as an Architect in Europe and California in the mid seventies. After moving to Australia he settled in Noosa in 1988 where he set up his building design practice. His design skills know no boundaries in projects such as hotels, motels, campus retreats, high-end residential designs, retirement villages, medical facilities, hospitals, shops and restaurants to name a few. Under his detailed eye for perfectionism, our clients are assured of achieving their building project objectives under his careful scrutiny.

David Mutch - Estimator

David Mutch heads up the Estimating team. He is a retired builder from North Queensland and he prides himself on his accuracy and ability to provide you as a client a price to suit your budget.


We have a reliable and trustworthy team of contractors who work with us on all our projects from carpenters, plumbers, electricians, tilers, painters, plasters etc.


Lyn Sturgess of Precision Loans operates her successful finance brokering business from QLD. As an independent broker with a charming and pleasant personality, Lyn enjoys the challenge of arranging finance to meet your needs. We have known Lyn for the past 3 years and have found that her service and creativity to sourcing funding for a number of projects was details about her services here.


We have the knowledge and expertise when working with specialized groups and Councils to provide the necessary documentation to gain the building Approvals.

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