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Tin shed granny flats
Posted 11 March 2015

 Building a granny flat in the backyard is a superb idea providing the local council bi-laws and building code guidelines are met.

Councils have begun to target homes where tin sheds and unused garages are being used for the purpose of renting out to gain extra income. This practice is unlawful and does not meet with Australian standards for habitable living. We welcome any moves made by Council to stomp out this practice which promotes ghetto style suburbs.

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Builders need good project management skills
Posted 24 February 2015
shoddy workmanship

This image clearly shows that the roofer responsible didn't do a good job, he didn't pay attention to the detail and consequently the line of the roof is crooked. When a builder engages a roofer to fulfill a building contract, at the end of the day it is the builder who is ultimately responsible for all work. If the builder was negligent in his responsibilities and overlooked this kind of problem, the rectification can cause him much grief if the problem isn't dealt with immediately. His business and reputation is on the line which is why he needs to be a good project manager.

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Granny flat as an Investment
Posted 09 February 2015

Brisbane granny flat investmentWhy is living in Queensland like winning the lottery?  Well, for one thing it has a great climate.  It offers a more casual pace of living and it is so spread out there are many places to choose to live.  And, opportunities still exist to be able to buy reasonable blocks that can support building a granny flat.  

Building a granny flat is a valuable investment on many levels.  Not only for the purpose of dual living, but it increases the value of the land and eliminates the need to have to constantly mow the lawn.  Now, that has to be a winner!

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Retirement Living Choices
Posted 28 January 2015

owner build granny flatsThinking about going into retirement often means for most seniors, where to live and how to live and usually is central to how much money is available.

For a lot of people it can be a stressful time.  The house is paid off, but is too big.  Yet, to sell often leaves seniors short on cash to buy into something else, especially taking into account location and proximity to the family. 

When Maureen weighed up her options, to continue to rent a room in a retirement village was out of the question. She chose instead to make a small investment in herself and peace of mind, and to build onto the site of her daughter's house.  Nova Design Group are skilled designers and builders for any house extension. 

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D.I.Y. Granny Flats
Posted 22 January 2015

owner build granny flats We are often asked the question, so how much money do you think we can save if we construct the kit for ourselves?

This is a difficult question to answer because there are many unknown factors.

It depends on your experience, how many hours you work on the project and the cost of professional trades.  If you are capable of doing much of the work yourself, we believe you can save around 40%.

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Granny Flat Christmas Present Anyone!
Posted 14 December 2014

 Christmas celebration is a time for reflection, a time for family to get together and be in gratitude for all of life's experiences.  For some families it is also a time to plan ahead about the accommodation needs for the grandparents.

The living options available are relatively simple where there are a few critical factors that will determine the best course of action for all concerned.

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Granny Flat Process
Posted November 2014

Brisbane granny flat pricesAs granny flats have improved and been upgraded from the back yard shack or a living space similar to a garden shed, so are the expenses.

When thinking about having a granny flat built, you need to think about another house.  Yes, it will be smaller but all the effort put into building a house will also be put into building a granny flat as well as engaging all the many trades people. 

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