About Gold Coast grannyflats

Granny flats for Australia's Gold Coast

Gold Coast Granny flats

With the ever expanding population growth and the need for accommodation that is close at hand for the aging baby boomer or fast growing teenagers, Gold Coast granny flats are in demand.

Navigating the often complicated sets of council regulations and restrictions can be a daunting process unless you have the right kind of advice and help.

Unlike building a first time house on an empty block, the process of gaining permits and approvals is done differently to owning a house.

Generally, it is a two stage process whereby the Gold Coast granny flat approvals and permits are achieved first, followed by the construction process.

As granny flat experts, Nova Design Group makes the process as hassle free as possible.

In order that your Gold Coast granny flat process runs smoothly it is always advisable to gather as much information as you can about your local Council regulations and how the process will develop. 

If you are seriously considering building a granny flat in the Gold Coast area have you worked out what size you need and what size the Council will allow you to build?

Do you have special requirements such as for disabled or a need to build on piers?

The more you plan beforehand, the better the outcome. Consult with us now (07 3385 0698)