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Feeds build a granny flat in QLD

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One bedroom 34sqm granny flat


Model GF34 - Size 7.1m x 4.8m

Suitable for sloping blocks

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Benefits of investing in the backyard!

Everyone is a winner when deciding to build a granny flat in the backyard, from the owner of the property to the owner of the new dwelling (when someone else is paying).

If the dwelling is for a senior member, the advantages are many, not least being the small investment involved to downsize and move into a brand new home.  Even when there is a worse case scenario because the property has problematic soil etc. that adds to the overall budget, when compared with the options available such as moving into a retirement home and paying ongoing yearly fees, building in the backyard still wins as the best choice. 

For the property owner, not only do they make better use of the land but they also reap the long term benefits of having a dwelling to use as a teenage retreat or as a means to receive some passive income.

From an investors viewpoint, they gain dual occupancy on the one property where the rental income far outweighs the cost of the construction.

Tiny home granny flats by Queensland's Nova Design Group - builders.

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For on-slab construction

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