granny flats

One bed 50sqm granny flat


Model GF50 - Size 8.3m x 6.0m

Suitable for sloping blocks

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Granny flat garage conversions

Converting a garage into a granny flat sounds like a great idea, doesn't. After all, there is a slab down already so why not use it?

Building on top of an existing slab is not as straight forward as you might imagine.  While the area where the existing garage stands can be utilized, you are bound by the size of the existing slab.  And in some cases, that area is not big enough.  Take a 50 square metre granny flat for example, most garage slabs are not this big.

Unless the garage was originally built with some form of plumbing for a washroom or a toilet, then the existing slab has not been designed to accommodate for the plumbing aspects of a home.

However, by far the biggest obstacle is the slab itself.  A slab constructed for a shed or a garage is different to that of a building to be lived in.  They have different Council classifications.  Generally, Councils do not permit persons to permanently reside in a shed or a garage.  So, in order for a granny flat to be constructed, NDG needs to ensure that the slab is classified as habitable.

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For on-slab construction

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