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About Nova Design Kits?

  • We provide you with ALL the materials required to build your own home in the backyard.
  • Even if you engage a local builder to help you, he will be very happy to know that he doesn't need to think about doing a "take off"
  • The materials you will need arrive at different stages to coincide with your construction progress, e.g. the pre-assembled frames and trusses will arrive separate to the roof and windows.   
  • Our product is not made in a factory and delivered on the back of one truck.  If we did this you would need to build a shed to house the goods from the weather until you were ready for it.
  • You can expect 4 or 5 deliveries from your local area - that makes it easy for you to change or exchange a product.

This picture shows a 60sqm 2 bedroom kit home.
The main lounge and master bedroom with sliding doors to the veranda

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6 Reasons why DIY

  1. Ready made working drawings
  2. Save 20-40% on construction costs
  3. Save on the usual builder’s margin
  4. Control your own project & budget
  5. Flexibility in time management
  6. Have a sense of satisfaction knowing that you built your own home

Being a granny flat owner builder is a preferred choice if you have time.

kit home owner builderThere are many advantages not least being the SAVINGS followed closely by the satisfaction of giving it a go and succeeding.

However it should be understood that having knowledge of the building industry is advantageous as is being able to interpret working drawings.  Even better is if you have mates involved in different industries to lend you a helping hand.

If you do not feel 100% confident, with your owner builder permit you can engage the help of a carpenter who should be able to get you started and do much of the ground work including organizing the foundations and erecting the frames and trusses.

That way, you keep costs low by going local, and pitching in where you can. 

Builders seldom get involved with owner builders for obvious reasons in that there is little margin in the deal to make it worth their while.

Being an owner builder in the country is a must as often builders will not travel to remote areas.

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Courses On-Line are Cheaper

To become an owner builder you are required to apply for an owner builder's permit which will often involve doing an owner builders course. This obligation varies from state to state. The owner builder course can be completed by either attending classes, online or by correspondence and can often be completed within a few days, however you will need to do a little homework and search for the best option that suits you. The following is a sample only of options available:

The Building Centre Network

owner builder courseNSW
Face to Face $595
Hardcopy $369
Online $189 Read Full Post

owner builder courseQLD
Face to Face $355
Hardcopy $95
Application Fee $312
Read Full Post

Eligibility Criteria

Any individual can apply for an owner-builder license. You must own the land to be developed.

Where there is more than one owner, all owners must consent to the application.