All you need to know about granny flat/small home
construction and prices but didn't know who to ask!


Building a backyard granny flat is a more  economical housing solution when considering  downsizing.

Other alternatives such as buying into a retirement village housing complex do not compare even although they offer many added benefits.

NDG refers to small homes that we design as a quintessential GARDEN APARTMENT. A small home garden apartment built in the backyard that not only adds value to the property but is affordable and comfortable for the price.

Your new garden apartment will have wall insulation to combat the Queensland summer months. The pitch of the roof enables good ventilation, as do the position of the windows and doors. 

NDG offers you flexibility in construction. For example, you have a choice for the external walls of the standard 6mm Hardieflex smooth panel, Hardieflex Plank (smooth or textured) or Weathertex weatherboards.  You can choose the standard straight-line kitchen or have your kitchen custom made.  The internal walls are 10mm Gyprock (not an EPS panel from China) to enable you to hang your favourite paintings and pictures. 

granny flat video

Step 1 - site investigation

The first step in our process is to carry out a site investigation. This includes identifying potential obstacles, measuring distances from boundaries, estimating the area we have to be able to construct and assessing the work required for the external connections for sewer, storm water, water and electricity.  We then provide you with a report of our findings. 

Sloping Blocks : will require a plan showing contour levels. If the slope is gentle and gradual, NDG is able to take levels with our equipment. Where the degree of slope is more than gradual a surveyor will need to be engaged. 

Step 2 - Budget Estimate

Based on the site investigation and in consultation with you as to any additional floor plan requirements we are able to prepare a budget estimate for your approval. 

Step 3 - Building Permit

The garden apartment will need a building permit. This takes approximately 3 weeks by the time all documentation has been processed. NDG applies for the building permit and submits the working drawings to our appointed Certifier.

In addition to the standard requirements, the following list might apply:

  1. MCU or Development Approval Applications $3,500 - $7,000
  2. Boundary setbacks and relaxation $450 - $1,000
  3. Bush Fire Ratings Report $250 - $500
  4. Cyclone Ratings - requires additional costs for frames and bracing
  5. Steep Land Overlay $450 - $600
  6. Geo tech reports for Septic Systems $450 - $750
  7. Energy Star Rating Report $450

Step 2 - Construction under a fixed price contract

Work begins and takes between 9-12 weeks from start to finish.  This diagram is typical of how we will be assessing the connections. 

granny flat pricing

Call today 07 3385 0698 to arrange for a meeting in the office or your site investigation.


NDG is reluctant to provide ball park figures for good reason.

No two backyard properties are the same. When a builder is accessing a property for construction, there is more to take into consideration than the house itself.

Typically, over years a backyard becomes a little cluttered from old and disused structures (sheds/carports) or left over concrete and rubble or trees and vegetation.

There is generally some kind of site access restriction which needs to be taken into consideration for the many contractors who will be working on site in order to comply with Work Place Health and Safety regulations.

The soil condition might vary from the standard "S" class which means that changes to the way we prepare the foundations need to take place.

So, the reality is that to provide a ball park figure is meaningless. The labour and and materials associated with the house is only half the equation.


For the above reasons and more is why NDG prefers to do a site investigation, and we do charge a minimal (refundable) call out fee.

We believe that the investment you are about to make is significant. As such, we want YOU to know that NDG knows what we are doing and that when we provide you with a Budget Estimate we have considered all the variables. 

In other words, no hidden surprises