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Granny Flats for the Sunshine Coast

Granny flats are a great financial and economic living proposition since the credit crisis which began 5 years ago culminating in the present depressive economic scenario.

Sunshine Coast granny flats are particularly popular especially for the young generation who cannot afford to build homes of their own; granny flats are a simple, prompt and cost-effective solution.

Likewise, house building extensions carried out by the Nova Group who design and build granny flat designs can give ideas of how to prepare for a small area floor plan.

Moreover, as the government is planning to relax regulations in QLD, owning a Sunshine Coast granny flat is a smart idea. It makes sound sense to take advantage of these proposals while they last and work out a granny flat floor plan to suit the availability of open area around your dwelling.

Councils throughout S.E. QLD have different rules and regulations regarding the construction of a granny flat, so its always advisable to do your research or engage the assistance of professionals like the Nova Group.

Gaining approvals and permits can be a lengthy process and there are a number of questions you need to consider before embarking on a project of this nature.

If you are serious about an affordable Sunshine Coast, call immediately and speak with one of the team (07) 3385 0698. You will be glad you did.