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Three bedroom granny flat


Model GF60-3B - Size 8.5m x7.0m

Suitable for sloping blocks

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Three bedroom granny flat

A 3 bed 60 square metre granny flat is ideal for the first home owner to build on a vacant block where budget is perhaps governed by one income. Alternatively, building a three bed granny flat gives investors that additional edge to generate more income.

For most Australians, owning your own house is always part of the dream. And what a great country we live in to be able to have that choice!

However, with the ever increasing costs associated with building a house and the high land purchase price to meet supply and demand, more and more people are finding the aspect of reaching the goal a little further away.

This is where a modern day constructed 3 bed 60m2 granny flat solves a problem. Add the price of the granny flat to the cost of the land and it is affordable to most people.

With that said, Australians have become used to living in large houses where trying to imagine what it might be like to live in a smaller space is difficult. We have become spoilt and tend to forget that in many parts of the world, living takes place in compacted areas because of the shortage of land space.

When Michael is designing any of our granny flats, he pays special attention to the compact floor plan area and in particular to the size of the bedrooms because they are often rooms where teenagers and adults alike to spend a great deal of time for their privacy.

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