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Feeds build a granny flat in QLD

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Two bedroom two bathroom granny flat


Model GF60-2B - Size 8.5m x 7.0m

Suitable for sloping blocks

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  • 2 bathroom granny flat
  • 60sqm granny flat
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  • granny flat Brisbane

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Granny flat builder

How should you choose a builder for your granny flat?  Some people think that it can be done on price.  Meaning that the cheapest has to be the best.  That may not necessarily be so.

It is very difficult to compare apples with oranges, as each granny flat builder will have his own method of build, materials and pricing strategy.  What one builder is providing will be different to another as we all have our sources.

One of the better ways to choose a granny flat builder is to be able to check their work.  At NDG, we invite you to visit the office.  It is always a good opportunity to meet the builder on his turf.  Seeing how he keeps is own property will indicate how well he will keep your property and first impressions do count. 

As with all due diligence, it is up to you to carry out.  Current Affair programs often expose dodgy contractors and it gives the industry as a whole a bad wrap. 

There might be times where expectations are not met.  Therefore, you must feel that you can liaise well the the builder.  One of the tell tales signs is how quick he is to respond intelligently with any of your questions.  Most importantly though is that the builder you choose listens to your requests.  

NDG is a granny flat builder and designer and our models such as the two bedroom two bathroom 60sqm is testimony to the fact that there is no granny flat design that we are not able to accomplish.

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